"How To Increase Your Bench and Increase Profitabllity In 4 Weeks ,or Less."
Winning Teams Have a Big Bench
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Why I Found Building A Bench So Valualbe

From the Desk of Russell Shaw ~ 
Beckley WV~
RE: Benches that create more.

Dear friend,

As a teenager working in the cotton fields, loading hay or driving a tractor.  A bench didn't mean much to me.  If someone was out or missing we just did the job we needed to.  

When it came to loading hay I do remember setting truck into motion and then tying the steering wheel in place so the truck would go in a straight line.  

Having a bench or someone I could call on short notice would have been nice but I wasn't thinking that far.

When I went into the military I found out the value of a bench.  Now the first thing I look for when working with a business is their bench.  

The size of their bench gives me a good idea of how effective they are on a daily basis. 

A bench is more about quality than quantity.  I worked with a business not long ago that had a great team and was struggling not because they didn't have enough people but because their bench was too small.

They were thinking about making their bench bigger by hiring.  After we had worked together about 4 weeks we found that his bench was too small because because his people had done two things wrong.  

1.  They had spread themselves too thin in areas that were weaknesses for some of them.

2.  They were did not delegate well.  One reason they did not delegate was because they had not built their bench.

What occurred after was what was amazing as they got those two areas they actually increased their output and worked less hours without hiring.  

Now when they are ready to hire they will be in a better place financially. 

Nothing makes me more proud as when I help someone see a better way and then help them to put it together.

"Did You Just Say My Bench is____________? When You Foul Out of The Game!  Who Will step in."

Dear friend,

I am all about building bigger benches in business.

Why??? Because it is the easiest way to make more, work less, and develop relationships.

What would you say bout 

On the outside I took notes and began a program that built a bigger bench.

What would change right now to build a bigger bench.  I want to help you do that.

For years I have watched businesses come up short at crunch time, not because they didn't have the people they needed.

It was more because they hadn't stretched their people.  Most of the team knew only their small piece of the pie to put it one way.  

When the bench needed a pinch hitter or someone who could do multiple processes there was no one to fill the gap.

I found at my very first corporate job that this was a problem that had to be fixed and I was the person to fix it.  

So I did.

"Building a bigger bench because:
You Can Start To Identify Team Leaders In Just 3 Weeks
So to do the job of more we needed to start cross training  as time allowed.

What it took first was to train the leaders. People do not follow if their is no one to lead.  And what the leaders did up to that point was only what they had been taught.  Their job was to keep production going which meant when they were short handed then they would have to fill that gap and production still suffered because the leader was not able to lead effectively.
"Building a Bigger Bench"
Nothing creates more enthusiasm in others than for them to have a win especially when they are stretched.  

Winning at crunch time lets people know that they are ahead of the game. 

It gives them confidence to go for bigger challenges with greater success.

We all want teams that have a lot of confidence but it takes time to create that and the wins you have with the team create a better team.

" Your Bench Will Define You"

Our bench defines who we are as a leader.

We do this because we want success but some by-products from this is:
Team Recognition.
Can do attitude from team.
Willing to take on more, because of where they have been.
Increases their own personal value that can create even bigger gains.
" Say hello to Enlarging The Bench"
I love this idea that the bench keeps on giving.

The reason it does is now people see the value of personal and professional growth.

Because in order to reach these goals the had to come to a new awareness about themselves.

Those times you spent training and retraining and learning what you needed to in order lead better and now paying off in other areas of the business.

Training dollars is the best money a business can spend because everyone wins from top to bottom.

That is what it takes to build a really successful bench.  TRIANING.

This will lead you into new areas that will help you excel
Take a look below for the low cost of $7.00 you can get the enlarging script to help you implement an enlarging plan for your business.

If you aren't interested in a bigger bench this isn't for you.  But if you take a look at sports teams those with the bigger bench and the ability for them to cross over if needed is the team that usually wins.

So get this script and start to implement the ideas and plans it outlines.  Your team will find new strength that will help everyone become winners. 

We all like to win so don't let this opportunity to get that winning bench pass you by.
"Start Your  Build Your Bench Now !!!"
Building a bench is easy when you have the framework you need.
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  • ​See increase start to compound in dividends.
I'm The Guy Who Believes All People Can Excel And You Can Too After This Course
I have been doing this for over 30 years.

 I have helped thousands of people to see the potential and then develop that potential in others. The John Maxwell Team, who I work closely with, has helped millions to do just what I am talking about here.

I can't say that you will get these results because I don't know you, but you will get the exact same secrets they used.  This is  the same training made available to companies that did.

When you start to believe in your people and they know it, then they will begin to step up.

When you take it to the next level of Enlarging them your job gets easier.  

Everyone's job get easier, because you are doing more of what you should do as a leader.
Two Facts You Should Know about Training your team.
"Who To Enlarge On Your Team  - Or Your Money Back!"
Here are things people say about John Maxwell Team here...

1.  The most important thing you need to do is to model Integrity.  Your first lesson will be on just that.  What are some of the key areas that will help your team really believe in you.

2.  Carefully choose the people who will be able to carry the ball for this.  Remember we don't want any ball droppers. People who don't take responsibility are ball droppers.
"Act Now To Get Your Free Bonus"
Remember that job you took and before you really understood what you should do you were released with responsibility to do the job before you were comfortable.  That means that they did not do a good job preparing you to navigate the route by yourself.  So as you take the reins of leadership become the person who will navigate for each team member in a way that suits them best.  

In the military this is the style compass we used to navigate.  It required some training no matter how accurate a device is without training we would never be able to navigate.

Click on the link below and learn to navigate your team so you reach the destination you desire. Or don't and get lost or talk longer finding your destination.
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The Catch; is a Values Catch!
This can be quite a challenge because of our past beliefs  because I want you to have success and it comes from taking this information and putting it to work in your life.

There is one catch, I expect you to value people.  Their is nothing that will serve you better than to value others. So the catch is a values catch
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This is great material that I have seen some of the biggest changes in a business.  When people are enlarged they step up.  They take more responsibility and your job as a leader actually gets easier and you get to use your time for more important areas.  Many of the leaders I work with complain about not having the time they need or people not as competent as they need.  When they decide to enlarge them they find they do step up and do what is needed.

Thanks again,
Russell Shaw
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